Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance Services in UAE

Audit and assurance services in the UAE go beyond mere validation of numbers and figures. They involve examining and assessing a company’s accounts and controls, typically performed by external parties to establish a clear picture of the entity. Given that business owners are usually preoccupied with other top-priority tasks, the state of affairs and internal controls often go unchecked. That’s where UAE audit services step in, playing a crucial role in managing these matters. In UAE, online auditing companies offer stakeholders assurance about the business’s affairs, providing assistance with internal and external auditing. It’s vital for financial statements to be audited to ensure global acceptability, and businesses must follow international standards for auditing the financial statements.

AMAEIA Audit and Assurance Process

How AMAEIA Helps Businesses?

  • Client approach is taken into consideration and our experts comprehend their business strategy.

  • A plan is formulated, and the Audit process is initiated.

  • Following the audit, an audit report is generated, and the file is reviewed.

  • Relevant changes are made, and a follow-up is completed.