Sustainability and
ESG Solutions

AMAEIA's Sustainability and ESG Solutions Offer Comprehensive Support for All Sustainability and ESG-Related Matters, Including:

  • Evaluation of Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards

  • ESG Health Analysis

  • Direction on ESG/Developmental Performance Benchmarks

  • Consultancy for Social Returns on Investment and Sustainability

  • Advice on Carbon Credits and Trading and Climate Change

  • Guidance for Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Assistance in Supply Chain Management

  • End-to-End Digital Support

  • Support with Due Diligence Review

  • Investor-Focused Services

  • Instruction on Natural Resource Management and Circular Economy

  • Advisory on Sustainable Finance, Such as ESF Bonds

  • Consultancy on Human Rights

  • Assistance with Organizational Governance

  • Guidance in Capacity Building and Training Programs.